Tuition and Fees


2021-2022 Tuition for 9th-11th Grades: $22,050

New upper school families pay a $1,000 tuition deposit when they enroll

2021-2022 Tuition for 12th Grade: $22,550 (Includes Graduation Fees)

All tuition plans require a FACTS Tuition account for payment of tuition and student fees.  

Tuition Assistance for the Upper School

At Alverno Heights Academy, we understand the decision to attend a Catholic, independent high school is a significant financial commitment for families. We recognize and applaud a family’s commitment to their daughter’s education and strive to provide qualified students access to an Alverno education.

Although all families are expected to contribute toward their tuition, Alverno does offer tuition assistance to both incoming and returning families based on financial need and academic promise for families that qualify.  To be considered, a student must have achieved the following general requirements: a clear disciplinary record and a 3.0 or higher GPA. Additionally, to retain scholarship support while at Alverno, a student’s tuition record must remain current, parent and student service hours must be completed, and family fundraising obligations must be met. Specific requirements for individual scholarships, tuition assistance grants, and awards may be applied. 

Alverno uses Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) to determine a family’s financial eligibility for this program. The cost of a financial aid application to FAST is $48 and it is non-refundable. As FAST is an outside service independent of Alverno Heights Academy, we are unable to provide fee waivers. 

To apply for tuition assistance through FAST, click here

To complete the process both new and returning upper school families must fill out a FAST Application by Tuesday, February 1, 2022. A copy of your 2020 tax returns and most recent W-2 must be submitted to FAST (2021 taxes are preferred) no later than Monday, February 14. If all of the materials required for the financial aid application are not received by Monday, February 14, including verified information by FAST, Alverno will be unable to consider your family for financial assistance. Please note that awards will not be finalized without 2021 taxes and W-2’s. 

Merit-Based Scholarships

A variety of merit-based scholarships are available at Alverno Heights Academy. These scholarships are funded by foundations and friends of Alverno. Donors define specific criteria for the various named scholarships, and selections are made in consultation with the Scholarship Committee.

All new students interested in a merit-based scholarship, must complete the Scholarship Question on the student admission application by Tuesday, February 1, 2022.  Merit-based scholarships are awarded to both incoming and current upper school students who demonstrate academic excellence and a history of leadership and service to her school, church, and community. These students may need to meet additional criteria set forth by the organization or individual providing the scholarship. 

Upper School Sibling Discount 

Alverno Heights Academy is pleased to be one of the few independent schools to offer families a “Sibling Discount” when they have two or more daughters attending Alverno at the same time. This policy, created by the Board of Trustees in June 2011, supports the concept of Alverno as a family– inclusive and mutually supportive.


  • Daughters must attend simultaneously to receive the discount.
  • A discount of 10% will be given for the second daughter, a discount of 15% for the third daughter, and 20% for the fourth daughter.
  • These discounts are renewable if a minimum GPA of 2.0 is maintained.
  • Parents and students will have to complete all family obligations on time.
  • Tuition must be current at all times.
  • Families must be supportive of all school policies.

Alverno will also extend the “Sibling Discount” policy to families with a daughter enrolled at the upper school and another child enrolled at the lower school. A $300 discount will be applied to each child enrolled. 

While Alverno’s  financial aid budget is generous, it is important to note that we are unable to meet the needs of every family who applies. Alverno is need-blind and does not take into consideration a family’s ability to pay when considering an applicant for admission.


Student Fees for the 2021-2022 School Year

The following fees, if applicable to your student, will be billed via FACTS.  These fees do not include uniforms and/or textbooks. 


AP TESTING FEE, per AP class, including AP Art: $100.00

(AP fees will be billed in Winter 2021)

ASL CLASS FEE –max. $200/semester: TBD

ONLINE COURSES, ALL online courses will be billed according to online program, max.$350/class.



(Includes state activities*, technology fee, yearbooks, and class retreat). 

*Does not include Winter Formal, Prom, or Grad Nite.  


(All Freshmen: designed by the Freshman State)


(All Seniors: designed by the Senior State, red in color)   

LEADERSHIP FEE, per academic year, all students in student government: $100.00

THEATRE FEE, per production, cast members only Fall Play- $100.00 and Spring Musical- $150.00

(In addition, cast and crew are required to sell a designated number of tickets per production)


ATHLETIC FEE, will be billed when the team roster is finalized- $175.00

UNIFORM FEE, per sport, unless student previously purchased current team uniform- $100.00           

ATHLETIC SPIRIT PACK, required for all new athletes*, one-time fee- $150.00

(Includes Athletic Bag and Warm-Ups)

*Replacement items for returning may be purchased individually. 


These fees are based on participation in additional activities, events and services.  Payment for these activities will be made directly to the school and will not be billed through FACTS.

YOUTH DAY – approx. $65.00

FIELD TRIPS – approx. $15.00 – $30.00 per trip

STUDENT PARKING PERMIT – $25.00 per year

WINTER FORMAL – approx. $50.00 per ticket

PROM – approx. $150.00 per ticket

FATHER/DAUGHTER ACTIVITY – approx. $35.00 per person

MOTHER/DAUGHTER BRUNCH – approx. $35.00 per person

GRANDPARENTS’ DAY – approx. $35.00/family

GRAD NIGHT – (Seniors only) approx. $125.00 per ticket 

Please note that these are estimated incidental fees and should only be used as a guide. Actual costs may vary and additional fees may be required as activities and events become available during the school year.  Any payments made by check or money order should be directed to the Business Office.  No cash, please.  Questions?  Please contact Lee Ann Bechthold, Business Mgr. at (626) 355-3463, ext. 225 or at

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