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Kaeley Aldana 2025
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Kaeley Aldana 2025 -

Previous School: St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School

Interests/School Activities I take part in are softball, volleyball, hiking, baking, rock/crystal collecting, jewelry making, watercolor painting, listening to music, and watching movies.

Career Goal: Environmental Scientist

The atmosphere of Alverno is one of the things I love the most, it is tranquil, welcoming, and friendly. Wherever you go people are willing to lend a helping hand, no matter who you are. I love the neverending kindness and helpfulness of the students and teachers on campus. Their kindness has made me feel comfortable and right at home. I love the inclusivity at Alverno. Everyone is treated equally, no matter what religion you follow, what your sexuality is, or what pronouns you choose to go by. I love Alverno because it is a safe environment where no jaguar is left behind.

Kiera Dean 2023
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Kiera Dean 2023 -

Previous School: The Waverly School

Interests/School Activities involved in: Softball, Theater/plays, Government. I was in the Jaguar Journalist club freshman year, and the Campus Ministry club sophomore year.

Career Goal: Something in the fashion industry!

I love Alverno because the environment is extremely welcoming. When I took a tour of the campus in 8th grade I was overwhelmed with a feeling of community and togetherness, which prompted me to make this school my first choice. I love Alverno because the teachers here have so much care for the students. When I struggle, they are always there to help me.

Alexandra Fontanella  2024
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Alexandra Fontanella  2024 -

Previous School: Holy Name of Mary School

Interests/School Activities involved in: Theatre, Cross Country, Reading, Campus Ministry

Career Goal: I am not quite sure what career I would like to pursue, however, I want to be involved in a job that revolves around helping others. 

I love Alverno because of the constant love and support I receive from the community. The friendships I’ve created are more like a sisterly bond. The girls always help me no matter what. I have grown so much since I started as a Freshman and Alverno has helped boost my self-confidence. Deciding to attend Alverno has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Diane Stoehr 2025
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Diane Stoehr 2025 -

Previous School: Holy Angels

Interests/School Activities involved in: Sewing, Volleyball, Reading, Theatre, and Art.

Career Goal: Senior Software Engineer for Google

I love Alverno because of all the new friends, and memories I made. It’s easy making friends and finding common interests with your peers. On top of that Alverno really caters to your interests, and the teachers really take their time to get to know you. I love the campus’ beautiful scenery because you feel right at home.

Lainey Aguilar-Fraley  2022
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Lainey Aguilar-Fraley  2022 -

Previous School: St. Rita

Interests/School Activities involved in: At Alverno I do various activities such as government, ambassadors, I perform in the pep rallies, I also perform in the advance theater showcase, I work the new Alverno snack bar for the soccer, and softball games.  I’ve also participated in some clubs; movie, stress and wellness, peace of mind, and ambassadors club. 

Career Goal: I would like to pursue a career in either criminal investigation, or nursing. 

Alverno has empowered me to  break out of my shell and become a mature young woman. Coming into Alverno my Freshman year I was a shy, insecure 14 year old. The teachers, facility, staff, and students at Alverno have helped me develop into the brave, confident, smart young women I am today. 

Indalecia  Andujo 2023
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Indalecia  Andujo 2023 -

Previous School: St. Ignatius of Loyola 

Interests/School Activities involved in: I am interested in everything performing; I also love anime and I love to read 🙂

Career Goal: I want to be an actor when I grow up 🙂 

I love Alverno because.. alverno makes me feel at home and my best. Whenever I walk onto school grounds I know that I am welcome and accepted. Alverno truly is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone

Kaylee Aya-ay 2022
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Kaylee Aya-ay 2022 -


Previous School: St. Therese Carmelite School 

Interests/School Activities involved in: robotics, soccer, National Honor Society, ASU, Co-Head of Costume Crew, Alverno Singers, Campus Ministry, piano, drums, film, and reading!

Career Goal: Aerospace Engineer 

Alverno has empowered me to try new things that I’ve never considered doing before. I used to be a very shy, reserved person that did not like public speaking or participating in any activities. As time went by, my teachers and everyone around me started to encourage me to try new things and step out of my comfort zone. Now, as a senior, I’m an outspoken, confident young woman who is involved in many activities around campus. 


Salia Baligh 2022
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Salia Baligh 2022 -

Previous School: New Horizon school Pasadena

Interests/School Activities involved in:  My interests are sports. My favorite sport is basketball.

Career Goal: I would like to be an ENT doctor. I would also like to start in the Ucla Women’s Basketball Team and one day make and play in the WNBA .

I love Alverno because I’ve always struggled with school but Alverno makes learning fun. There are between like 7-15 students in a class so you will have more 1 on one time with the teacher and be able to learn more. Lastly, I love Alverno because the people at Alverno are really nice and fun to hang out with.

Jennifer Bautista 2024
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Jennifer Bautista 2024 -

Previous School: El Monte High School Transfer

Interests/School Activities involved in: I am involved in volleyball, Ambassadors, clubs, I was crew of the spring musical, Shakespeare in love. I also play an instrument which is the clarinet.

Career Goal: A Physician’s assistant or a pediatrician.

I love Alverno because… The teachers are great and they are very helpful when I need help. I also have done things that I have never done before like be in volleyball or help in the play Shakespeare in Love.

Jalissa Blake 2025
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Jalissa Blake 2025 -

Previous School: Our Lady of Lourdes

Interests/School Activities involved in: volleyball, soccer, club, student council as historian 

Career Goal: Magazine editor 

I love Alverno because it feels like home. When I first looked at the campus I instantly fell in love with Alverno. The staff was amazing and my fellow students made me feel right at home. I knew this was the school for me because of the way everyone treated one another like family.  These are only a few reasons why I love Alverno.

Sofia Brady 2025
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Sofia Brady 2025 -

Previous School: Elementary- Los Encinos, Middle: Chandler 

Interests/School Activities involved in: Art, DIY, jewelry making, outside of school volunteer/ service work, love dogs 

Career Goal: Therapist 

Alverno feels like home because of the community. When I first arrived at Alverno, I was immediately greeted by several of my classmates and introduced to everyone. Community is something that is really important to me, because if you do not have a good community and connection with others at your school, nothing will be fun. I have made so many friends with both upperclassmen and lower classmen, along with the students in my grade.

Mia Bribiesca 2024
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Mia Bribiesca 2024 -

Previous School: Saint Thomas More in Alhambra 

Interests/School Activities involved in: State Government, Volleyball, Art 

Career Goal: Engineer, Lawyer, or something related to the medical field

Alverno feels like home because it is so welcoming. Ever since I started my schooling at Alverno, I’ve felt nothing but comfortable, safe, and appreciated. It truly feels as though I am part of one big family, because every single person I’ve met is friendly and helpful. I have felt so supported throughout my journey thus far, and Alverno has become a place and a community that I am very grateful for. 

Olivia Burns 2023
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Olivia Burns 2023 -


    Previous School: Saints Felicitas and Perpetua

Interests/School Activities involved in: Soccer, Volleyball, Track and Field, Science, History, Pep Rallies, Spring Musical

Career Goal: To work for Nasa 

I love Alverno because… it feels like home. When I step on campus I feel like I belong and it is the perfect place for me. It’s somewhere that I feel comfortable around everyone. I have made many friends that I know will be with me for a very long time and that I appreciate very much. It is such a beautiful place with so much space where I can explore many new things and become who I want to be and who I see myself becoming. It truly is a place where you can be who you imagine.

Lori Campos-Martel
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Lori Campos-Martel -

Previous School: Saint Rita School

Interests/School Activities involved in: ASU, Pep Rally Performances, Art/Photo Club, Track & Field, Government & Ambassadors

Career Goal: Character Animator, Graphic Designer

Alverno has empowered me to become the strong, hardworking, and independent young woman I have always strived to be. Alverno has truly made me the person I imagined I could be when I was in middle school. I first heard about Alverno from my older sister and have loved the amazing community of students, staff, and faculty. Alverno is more than my school, Alverno is my home.

Camille Dahlgren 2023
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Camille Dahlgren 2023 -


Previous School: Homeschooled

Interests/School Activities involved in: I am interested in Art, History, and English. I am involved in my state government as well.

Career Goal: Law or Marketing.

Alverno has empowered me to try new things, such as running for government, that help me step out of my comfort zone.


Eva Domenghini 2023
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Eva Domenghini 2023 -

Previous School: from St. Philip the Apostle School, Pasadena. 

Interests/School Activities involved in: Campus Ministry, Track and Field, National Charity League, Fashion club, Movie club, and Student Government.

Career Goal: Engineer

I love Alverno because it has provided me with so many opportunities to grow as a young woman and step outside my comfort zone. My teachers have encouraged and helped me grow as a student. Alverno overall feels like home to me because I am constantly inspired and empowered by my fellow peers. 

Chloe Evans 2025
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Chloe Evans 2025 -

Previous School: Holy Name of Mary

Interests/School Activities involved in: Volleyball and ambassador

Career Goal: Marine Biology

I love Alverno because even though I’m a freshman and I’ve only been here at Alverno for a little while now I still feel like I’m at a second home. 

Trinity Godson 2025
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Trinity Godson 2025 -

Previous School: Rosemont Middle School

Interests/School Activities involved in: softball, volleyball, Spanish club, DIY club, interested in campus ministry, and apart ambassador program

Career Goal: not sure yet 

I love Alverno because the teachers and students are different from regular high school, they have a sense of family that everyone feels. Although it is my first year here as a jaguar I already feel like I’ve been here for years. The community is amazing at Alverno, everyone helps as much as they can in any way possible. It’s like a safe place unlike any other. School is a place that shapes the future of your life and Alverno is the perfect place to do so. I really do believe this school was meant for me and why I love it so much. 

Lila Gorman 2025
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Lila Gorman 2025 -

Previous School: Sierra Madre Middle School

Interests/School Activities involved in: Dance, Volleyball, Tennis, 3D art, Choir

Career Goal: My career goal is to build a long term career in psychology and to be able to create a job with professional goals and challenges. To use my skills in the best way possible to help mental health patients. 

Alverno has empowered me to be more open and outgoing. It is a place where I feel safe to express myself and my needs without feeling shy or embarrassed. Alverno is a place where young women’s voices are heard and we stand up for each other. Alverno is home.


Alicia Hernandez 2023
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Alicia Hernandez 2023 -

Previous School: Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School

Interests/School Activities involved in: Campus Ministry Extended Team, Harry Potter/Fandom Club, Movie Club, Art & Photo Club

I love Alverno because it’s welcome to all.  Alverno has provided me with new opportunities that I’m always ready to take on.  I also love how Alverno feels like home because of my fellow classmates and the faculty and staff.

Catherine Hidalgo 2024
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Catherine Hidalgo 2024 -

Previous School: St.Elizabeth Parish School

Interests/School Activities involved in: Clubs, Student Government, Robotics, STEM, Volunteer Work, Sports and Girl Scouts 

Career Goal: Doctor 

I love Alverno because it has given me the opportunity to grow as an independent young woman. Alverno has helped me become an outgoing young woman and taught me to not be afraid to use my voice. 


Yui Hisanaga  2025
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Yui Hisanaga  2025 -

Previous School: The Gooden School

Interests/School Activities involved in: Cross country, Theatre, Music, Art 

Career Goal: Ob/gyn

I love Alverno because of the community. Since joining Alverno, everyone has been super supportive and kind to me. In cross country, the older students have been by my side, and I love how everyone pushes each other to become better. I also enjoy the unique traditions at Alverno, such as big-sister little-sister, pep rallies, Mary’s day, and many more! I am so grateful to be a part of Alverno! 


Eunice (Yunji) Jung 2024
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Eunice (Yunji) Jung 2024 -

Previous School: Holy Angels School in Arcadia

Interests/School Activities involved in: Sophomore State Congress, Science Club

Career Goal: Architecture or Medical Doctor 

I love Alverno because it gives me the opportunity to challenge myself, to develop myself as much as I can. Also, Alverno always helps and supports me to grow into a powerful young woman. Alverno is such a home for me and many students, and it gives me great trust that they’ll always be there for me to support and cheer me on up. 


Katharine (Katie) La Corte  2023
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Katharine (Katie) La Corte  2023 -

Previous School: Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet Middle School, Monrovia, CA 

Interests/School Activities involved in: I have been involved in the Alverno Singers, the Alverno Ambassador Program, and a member of the Harry Potter/Movie Club. Last year, I served in the Alverno Congress as a Congressional Liaison, too. I am excited to have been elected to the Junior State Assembly as a representative and look forward to assisting in the Art Club leadership. Lastly, I am a Girls Scout Ambassador and currently working on my Gold Award. My passion is art studies, in particular, animation. 

Career Goal: My career goal is to become an animator. 

Alverno has empowered me to….become more confident in myself and make new friends. Alverno has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and break open my shell. Alverno helps me break open my shell by allowing me to speak more and share my thoughts.  Participating in school activities, such as student government or clubs, has helped me become more empowered in myself to reach out to others and express myself. 

Bella Larson 2022
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Bella Larson 2022 -

Previous School: St. Therese 

Interests/School Activities involved in: Varsity Softball, Alverno Student Union – Secretary of Activities



Natalia Madera
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Natalia Madera -

Previous School: Incarnation Parish School, Glendale

Interests/School Activities involved in: Ambassador, Campus Ministry, crew for the school play, Basketball, Movie Club

Career Goal: Working with kids. Whether as a teacher, or maybe a child therapist.

Alverno feels like home because of all the teachers, staff and friends I have met that have supported me. The teachers at alverno have helped me when I needed it and supported me. I also am surrounded by amazing classmates and friends. Girls that I have really connected with and friends that I am really close with. Alverno has helped me come out of my shell and I feel like I have really grown at Alverno. I am so glad that I am going to Alverno.

Jojo Maruna 2024
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Jojo Maruna 2024 -

Previous School: St. Philip the Apostle school

Interests/School Activities involved in: I am interested in basketball, and i love to read.

Career Goal: My career goal is to own my own small cafe or bakery, or to be a geneticist.

I love Alverno because of the environment that there is throughout the school. As well as the community that is created among the students. Lastly because of the support that is given by the teachers to the students to help them to obtain the skills that they need.

Elizabeth Mazaros  2022
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Elizabeth Mazaros  2022 -

Previous School: Sierra Madre Middle school 

Interests/School Activities involved in: Student government, campus Ministry, Ambassadors, stage Manager fall/spring plays  

Career Goal: I would like to work with children either being a psychologist or counselor or work with children who have learning disabilities like Dyslexia. 

I love Alverno because…of the student and teacher support. One of the best things about alverno is that everyday is different; you don’t know what the day brings. Everyone is so nice and ready to step in and help in any way they can. I struggled in middle school but coming to alverno changed me in a good way. It made me more confident and I don’t struggle in my classes. It is the community that I love! 


Maddie McFadden 2022
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Maddie McFadden 2022 -

Previous School: Odyssey Charter school, California School of the Arts, Pasadena high school, 

Interests/School Activities involved in: Volleyball, soccer, student government, theater, campus ministry, Volunteer work, 

Career Goal: Educator for Children with Emotional Disturbances, Child Psychologist, Criminal Justice/Pre-Law. 

Alverno doesn’t feel like home, it is home. I transferred to Alverno in the middle of my sophomore year, needing a community or as my mom said a “village.” I had yet to experience the type of acceptance that I felt at Alverno. The girls encouraged me to be the person I had dreamed of being, The Alverno girls became my family as Alverno became my home. 

Karyme Morales  2024
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Karyme Morales  2024 -

Previous School: St.Ignatius of Loyola 

Interests/School Activities involved in: Government, Theatre, Movie Club, Gymnastics, and Digital Art.

Career Goal: Disney Imagineer

 I love Alverno because it feels like home. Everyone here is so kind and welcoming and I never feel lost or alone. I can always count on my teachers and friends to be there for me when I am struggling. Here at Alverno I always feel safe and accepted. 


Emma Moreno 2024
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Emma Moreno 2024 -

Previous School: Immaculate Conception STEM Academy 

Interests/School Activities involved in: Campus Ministry, Government, Volleyball 

Career Goal: Become a Neurosurgeon or Sports Medicine Doctor

Alverno feels like home because teachers and students always have a big smile on their faces and give you a big welcome. My first time walking onto campus, I knew it was the place for me because everyone was helpful and made sure my experience was memorable. Now that I am a part of the Alverno community, I get to welcome each person who walks onto campus with a big smile on my face. 

Natalia Pino
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Natalia Pino -

Previous School: St James Holy Redeemer

Interests/School Activities involved in: Government, Clubs, Jewelry Making, Gaming, Anime

Career Goal: Computer Scientist, Nurse, Veterinarian, something with english?

I love Alverno because I have made so many friends here. The Alverno community/class is so amazing to be a part of! I have met girls here that I am able to call my sisters!

Anais Rallion 2023
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Anais Rallion 2023 -

Previous School: San Gabriel Mission Elementary School

Interests/School Activities involved in: Cross Country, Supreme Court, Choir, Musical Theater, Ambassadors, Campus Ministry

Career goal: political journalist or criminal attorney

Prompt: I love Alverno because of its opportunities. I had no experience whatsoever in running, and I felt so welcomed and supported as soon as I became a part of the cross country team. Joining the Supreme Court, choir, musical theater, ambassadors, and campus ministry has been an exceptional part of my high school career because of all of the memories that I have made. At Alverno, we cheer each other on, we support each other in any way possible, and I feel so blessed to be a part of the community that I love so much.

Zahara Ramirez 2025
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Zahara Ramirez 2025 -

PREVIOUS SCHOOL: Nativity Catholic School

INTEREST/SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ; I am currently involved in volleyball, and outside of school i dance Folkorico 

CAREER GOALS: I one day would like to be an Architect , Pilot, or a Customs Enforcement Officer. 

Alverno has empowered me to be more outgoing and to follow my dreams. Some time ago I would never have thought about being a pilot or an architect. But the support that Alverno has for me makes me want to reach for the best that I can be. 

Makayla Sandoval 2023
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Makayla Sandoval 2023 -

Previous School: St.Dominic(Eagle Rock)

Interests/School Activities involved in: Campus Ministry, Clubs, Government, Theater

Career Goal: Journalist

I love Alverno because it is a place where I am constantly challenged to try new things. Alverno has always felt like a home for me. I have great teachers, a supportive administration and loving friends. I love that Alverno feels like a family.  Here at Alverno, I am inspired everyday to be myself.

Lauren Sarti 2025
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Lauren Sarti 2025 -

Previous School:  The Gooden School

Interests/School Activities involved in:  Horseback riding 

Career Goal:  Vet 

I love Alverno because of the community, all the teachers, and everyone is just so kind. 


Minta Sloan 2023
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Minta Sloan 2023 -

Previous School: The Gooden School

Interests/School Activities involved in: ASU – secretary of communications, Government – assembly member – sophomore year, Advanced Theater and plays, Alverno Singers, Cross Country and Track

Career Goal: Not 100% sure yet but I’m looking into anthropology

Alverno has empowered me to discover and pursue my interests. I always wanted to be in theater productions in high school but I never knew if I actually would. Coming to Alverno I thought “why not?” and decided to go for it. Immediately I knew I’d made the right choice. I was welcomed in with open arms and learned so much about theater and myself. 

Richelle Studer 2022
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Richelle Studer 2022 -

Previous School: St. James Holy Redeemer

Interests/School Activities involved in: Alverno Student Union, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, DIY Club, Spanish Club, Alverno Singers and Musical Theatre , Varsity Soccer, Alverno Theatre program

Career Goal: I am still figuring out which college best suits my abilities and interests, but I intend to be a STEM major and embark on the pre-med track. I hope to be some type of doctor or a surgical specialist. After turning eighteen, I hope to also become a certified phlebotomist. 

I appreciate my teachers because…

They engage in meaningful conversations with us both inside and outside of class. Our teachers always ask how we are and enjoy hearing our opinions on topics during class discussions. They all truly care about our well being, and they want us to succeed to the best of our abilities. My teachers make me laugh and have been such a great support system these past few years. I appreciate them always being genuine in their words and actions, and always empowering me to do my best, be kind, and be a good leader.

Julie Tardino 2025
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Julie Tardino 2025 -

Previous School: Rio Hondo Preparatory 

Interests/School Activities involved in: I love politics, theatre, reading, and a good tv show to binge watch. 

Career Goal: I want to be a Prosecutor, with a future in politics. 

 Alverno feels like home because every girl and the staff greet newcomers with a warm heart. As a freshman, the thought of starting high school terrified me, but every single person I have met has done their absolute best to make me feel at home. Teachers and faculty make an effort to connect right away. The sisterhood at Alverno has a very strong presence that you can feel walking through the halls and sitting in a classroom.  


Bella Villa 2023
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Bella Villa 2023 -

Previous School: Saint Andrews Catholic school

Interests/School Activities involved in: photography, film, katv, 3D art, track and field, theater, graphic design club, glee club, future star wars club co president, music, alverno singers

Career Goal:  Film industry

I love Alverno because… you are free to express yourself without the harsh judgment of others. Everyone knows each other so we are like a big family. Im very thankful to have met amazing teachers and friends that have helped me grow as a person.

Alverno feels like home because… everyone cares for one another. Here at Alverno, I’ve got to know many people who are loving, caring people. Without them I do not know how I would have made it this far.

I appreciate my teachers because… they check in on you and genuinely care about your feelings and interests. Some teachers simply do not care about your personal life, but Alverno of course is different. I feel as if all the teachers at Alverno are my parents in a way. They inspire and believe in me when no one else does. 

Alverno has empowered me to…. Become the bigger person and strive for greatness. I have dealt with lots of self hatred and believe I am no good, as do others, but Alverno has shown me I am worth more than what I perceive myself as. With their guidance, I hope to continue this journey. 

As an Alverno student, I have felt empowered when I… am given opportunities and shown appreciation by other students. My friends show me I can do anything I would like as long as I try. I’ve been given many opportunities that have shown me what my interests are and what I would like to do in the future. 


Ava Villegas 2022
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Ava Villegas 2022 -

Previous School: Our Lady of the Assumption, Claremont 

Interests/School Activities involved in: Student Government – ASU President, Head of Costumes for the Theatre Department, National Honor Society Member, 

Career Goal: Unknown yet, but something that helps my community. 

Alverno feels like home because to me it truly is. The teachers truly care for their students, the staff is always there to lend a hand when needed, and the students/fellow classmates become some of your best friends. Already in my fourth year at Alverno, I’ve become a different person than my freshman self, and it’s because Alverno has provided me with the growth that’s made me stronger, smarter, and a better person. 

Alverno is my home away from home, quite literally, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for my high school journey. 


Claudette Villegas 2023
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Claudette Villegas 2023 -

Previous School: Pomona Catholic Middle School

Interests/School Activities involved in: Assistant stage manager for musicals and plays, member of cross country, ASU Secretary of State, President of Fashion Club, member of Spanish club, member of Track and field and an Alverno Ambassador.

Career Goal: I have multiple Career goals which are Forensic Scientist, Veterinarian, Fashion/Costume Designer, possibly something in the government field and possibly Track and Field olympics.

I love Alverno because of the small community. It is nice to be in a small environment where you know everyone. With a smaller community there are more opportunities to be involved in your school. I love being able to have a one on one tutor session with my teachers, because they will always have time for you. It is nice to be involved in sports and plays/musicals because you get to know everyone and you can befriend upperclassmen who can give you advice and help you with schoolwork.


Rachel Wheeler 2022
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Rachel Wheeler 2022 -

Previous School: Holy Angels 

Interests/School Activities involved in: National Honors Society, ASU, Captain of Volleyball, Basketball , Campus Ministry 

Career Goal: Early Childhood Education Teacher 

I love Alverno because of the amazing environment and supportive teachers. Alverno has helped me to be able to find a career that I am passionate about and  prepared me for what happens after high school. Alverno empowers me to become a better student and person overall, every single day!  

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