Meet Our Ambassadors


Meet the Alverno Student Ambassadors!


Freshman: Class of ’24 

from St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School, Los Angeles

Interests:  Gymnastics, Theatre, Student Government, Clubs

Career Goal: 3D Modeling and Design 

I love the overall environment at Alverno, which includes my teachers, classmates and the education I am receiving. From the moment I began the application process, I immediately felt accepted and included by everyone.  It was difficult to start high school during this pandemic, but many older students reached out and asked me if I needed their help. My older sister also attended Alverno, so I have been a part of the community since I was 3 years old.  To now be an official Alverno girl feels like a dream come true! 


Freshman: Class of ’24 

from St. Thomas More Catholic School, Alhambra

Interests:  Volleyball, Art, Student Government

Career Goal: Surgeon

I love Alverno, because I can make friends with other people easily and I never feel out of place. The moment I came to Alverno, I could tell that everyone was super kind and approachable. During the course of this school year, I have already met some amazing, friendly and very helpful people. 


Sophomore: Class of ’23 

from The Gooden School, Sierra Madre

Interests:  Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Knitting club, DIY club, Sciences (Chemistry and Biology), Student Government Assembly Member, Baking, Hiking, Camping

Career Goal: Medical field (nurse or midwife)

Alverno has empowered me to challenge myself and discover what I am capable of. It has given me so many opportunities to achieve my goals with the help of my teachers.  I felt especially empowered when I took an AP class for the first time. As a freshman, I never thought I was capable of college-level work, but now I realize that I can tackle any class I put my mind to. 


Junior: Class of ’22

from St. Therese Carmelite School, Alhambra

Interests:  Piano, Drums, Robotics, Soccer, Filmmaking, STEM, Reading  

Career Goal: Aerospace Engineer

I love Alverno, because it has given me an opportunity to grow as a young woman and to explore my different fields of interest. All of the teachers are very supportive of your goals and decisions, and you never feel alone. Alverno has helped me become a more outgoing young woman and I am not afraid to use my voice anymore. 


Junior: Class of ’22

from Holy Angels School, Arcadia

Interests:  National Honor Society, Volleyball, ASU, Campus Ministry  

Career Goal: Speech Pathologist

I love Alverno, because of the amazing environment and supportive teachers. Alverno has helped me become more confident and has given me so many amazing opportunities. I feel empowered to become a better student and person overall, every single day!   


Junior: Class of ’22

from Our Lady of the Assumption School, Claremont

Interests:  National Honor Society, Fashion club, Book club, Theatre, Alverno Student Union  

Career Goal: possibly a Fashion Journalist! 

Alverno has empowered me to grow as a confident young woman who’s discovering her place in the world. I have learned to find my voice and use it to speak up for causes that I am passionate about! Knowing that Alverno is always there to support me on my journey only helps me grow and become who I imagine.



Senior: Class of ’21

from St. Rita School, Sierra Madre

Interests:  Girl Scouts, Track and Field (high and low hurdles and long jump), Theatre, Secretary of Campus Ministry, National Honor Society President, the Tournament of Roses Troop

Career Goal: To own and operate my own business one day

Alverno has empowered me to be a leader both inside and outside of the classroom. It’s nice to have people who believe in me, which is exactly what my senior class and the rest of the student body does. Everyone knows me as the one who isn’t afraid to give a speech in front of the whole school or to get involved in pep rallies. Alverno has also empowered me to be myself through all the wonderful activities I am a part of. 


Senior: Class of ’21

from Odyssey Charter School, Pasadena

Interests:  Black Student Association, Alverno Student Union, Dance, Theatre, Harry Potter

Career Goal: Psychologist/Social Worker

I love Alverno, because it is such a loving, open minded family that both accepts you for who you are and pushes you to be better. The service and spiritual aspects of our school are amazing because it brings us closer together and helps us give back to the community. I’m so grateful to go to this high school, because it not only has a beautiful campus and strong school academics and spirit, but beautiful people as well.

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