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Dear Alverno Heights Academy Family,

Alverno Heights Academy Lower School is embarking on its second year, focused on building on the successes from 2020-21. In our founding year,, the APTA set out to create an inclusive and exciting foundation of events and fundraisers to supplement tuition. Our sponsorship program was the launching pad that offered families an accessible package of parent participation hours and Alverno community events. The effort was a tremendous success and together we were able to fund Lower School technology, outdoor learning and recreation space structures, and sports uniforms and equipment. During the 2021-2022 school year, we will continue to grow from the seeds planted by you, our parent community. The Fellowship Leagues will continue our legacy of community, support, and academic excellence.

In addition to academic goals, Alverno is inspired by its Catholic roots and values to maintain a tuition level that is affordable and competitive for those families who choose to invest in the opportunities afforded to them. Fellowship Leagues and all APTA fundraisers help supplement tuition costs by providing our school with necessary funding to further Alverno’s mission and educational programs. Our legacy of faith and compassion also includes continually assessing the welfare of our students to best balance their socio-emotional needs with their intellectual growth.

With ambitious goals in mind, we are offering Fellowship Leagues for our 2021-22 school year. The Leagues will further develop educational, social, and spiritual growth for our young students, families, and community members. It is with great recognition we honor your generous contributions to the expansion and enhancements of Alverno Heights Academy.

All of our proceeds will directly impact our students’ education now and in the future. It is through the efforts of our innovative faculty, our exceptional students, and your generosity that we will see these expectations become reality. During the 2021-22 academic year we wish to grow:

  •   Art department upgrades to include a kiln to be completed October 2021.   
  •   Learning space expansion of the historic Villa Chapel into a music room to include instruments.
  •   Conversion of Room 102 from office space into classroom for Science & Math instruction.
  •  Addition of drama club, chess club and afterschool enrichment classes. 
  • 10% of all funds raised will benefit the Alverno Endowment Fund for student scholarships and advancement./

In appreciation of your contribution to our Fellowship Leagues, we are pleased to offer you a varied array of benefits, including special opportunities to join us at our major events and community gatherings. All of our Alverno events are developed with the community’s health at the forefront. Please find the descriptions of Fellowship Leagues on the next page, and on the reverse, a form to indicate your preferred options and contact information. We will use your contact information to inform you of changes to our anticipated programs in the event that health developments require alterations.

Also, Alverno Heights Academy is a registered non-profit organization and your contribution may be tax deductible (please remind your CPA of your donations to the Academy). Additionally, charitable company matches will be credited toward your total contribution to our Fellowship Leagues as recognition for your company or organization’s generosity. If you are interested in making installment payments, please contact Wendy in the Business Development Office at wfinch@alvernoheight.org.

Our fellow families hope to see you at each of our gatherings as we continue to grow a culture of excellence, bold faith, inclusion, creativity, and unity. Your generosity will directly impact the development and advancement of our students to Always Be The Light. JAGS ROAR!

With gratitude,

Joanne Harabedian, Director of Lower School

Rochelle Siegrist, APTA President


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