Santa’s Villa Event


Our theme for the Christmas tree decorating competition was “Winter Wonderland.” So since our class color is pale pink we decorated the tree with white and pink ornaments. It displays winter wonderland beauty. 

For the Sophomore Christmas tree, we had the theme of Frosty the Snowman. To bring this theme to life, we transformed the tree into Frosty himself, finished with snowflakes, every snowflake has a picture of someone in our class!

For our fire junior Christmas tree, we had the theme, Jingle Bells! And we decided to decorate it with our state color yellow. We wanted to give our tree a lil’ sas so we filled it with yellow/gold tinsel and garland. But….not only did we bring the glam and looks to our tree, but we brought the SOUND too!! Our decorative bells and gold ornaments are the best in the game. And let me tell you that they are covered in glitter, shine, beauty, and sparkle! Our ornaments are one of a kind because you can even see your beautiful reflection! 🤙🏽 and to top it off, we even incorporated the article we have all been wearing 24/7…masks. We want to remember what a year it has been, so we made a mask for each classmate in our state and put their name on it. The Junior state stays on task, by wearing a mask and bringing the Holiday Cheer!


Our tree, starting from the bottom has a Santa slay being pulled by the reindeer. The remaining reindeer circle up to the top of the tree which has been topped with a graduation cap instead of a star. Not only does this go with our theme, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer but it also symbolizes our class pulling through the last few months of our high school career. Instead of placing Santas traditional 9 reindeer, we placed 38 reindeer each personalized with one name from the senior class to show the unity of us flying to our goals together.

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