Student Fees


Student Fees – 2017-2018

The following fees, if applicable to your student, will be billed via FACTS:

(All Freshmen: designed by the Freshman State, color will be purple as chosen by the class)
(All Seniors: designed by the Senior State, red in color)
AP TESTING FEE (Per AP class, including AP Art. AP fees will be billed $125.00
in January 2018.)
LEADERSHIP FEE, per academic year, all students who hold office $100.00
SPORTS FEE, per sport, will be billed when team roster is finalized $150.00
DRAMA FEE, per performance, cast members only $100.00
SPEECH & DEBATE, per semester $100.00
ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT, per semester $150.00
(For students who are required to take it, or who choose to do so)
LAB FEES (per class: AP Art, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Environmental Science,
Honors Biology, Honors Physics and Bioengineering) $150.00

Incidental Student Fees

These fees are based on participation in additional activities, events and services. Payment for these activities will be made directly to the school and not billed through FACTS.

YOUTH DAY – approx. $65.00
FIELD TRIPS – approx. $15.00 – $30.00 per trip
STUDENT PARKING PERMIT – $25.00 per year
WINTER FORMAL – approx. $50.00 per ticket
PROM – approx. $120.00 per ticket
FATHER/DAUGHTER ACTIVITY – approx. $35.00 per person
MOTHER/DAUGHTER BRUNCH – approx. $35.00 per person
GRANDPARENTS’ DAY – approx. $35.00/family
GRAD NIGHT – (Seniors only) approx. $125.00 per ticket

Please note that these are estimated incidental fees and should only be used as a guide. Actual costs may vary and additional fees may be required as activities and events become available during the school year. Online payments are available for most activities and events through Alverno’s website. Any payments made by check or money order should be directed to the Business Office. No cash, please. Questions? Please contact Lee Ann Bechthold, Business Office at (626) 355-3463, ext. 225 or at
(Revised 6/27/17)

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