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Planks – Nicole & Danielle

PLANK 1- Recognizing the need for more communication between leadership and students, we recommend a monthly meeting between ASU, states, and administration as well as an improvement box that will be checked and announced weekly 

PLANK 2- Recognizing the need for a greater community of faith we recommend holding more masses, sports games, movie nights, dances, and/or special events with nearby schools.

PLANK 3- Recognizing the need for the safety, and improvement of our athletes, we recommend having a physical therapist at every game

PLANK 4- Recognizing the need for student involvement and to increase attendance at sporting events, we recommend hosting a student vs. teacher game before the beginning of each sports season

PLANK 5- Recognizing the need for students to start to explore and expand their knowledge of different careers, we recommend hosting a career fair once a semester.

PLANK 6- Recognizing the needs of student’s mental health and well being, we recommend relaxation practices such as meditation, and exploration of our campus during community time. 

PLANK 7- Recognizing the need for a more affordable and attainable way of getting supplies, we recommend having small vending machines that will hold a variety of school necessities.        

PLANK  8- Recognizing the need for more acknowledgment of visual and performing arts and to excite our community, we recommend having a gallery of talents and artworks in the cafeteria.  

PLANK 9- Recognizing the need for student’s different dietary needs, we recommend more vegan and vegetarian options to be served in the cafeteria. 

PLANK 10- Recognizing the needs of hard-working students who stay late and evening events we recommend getting lights for the terrace tables.      

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