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Team AAA Planks – Amia and Ariana

PLANK 1- Recognizing the need for more celebration of our school’s diversity, we recommend

a Multicultural Day, in which we celebrate the different cultures presented within the Alverno


PLANK 2- Recognizing the need for affordable books and uniforms, we recommend a

second-hand books and uniforms sale, hosted by the students, at the beginning and end of the

school year.

PLANK 3- Recognizing the need to prepare students for life after highschool, we recommend

having community times that teach us everyday life skills.

PLANK 4- Recognizing the need for more interaction with other schools, we recommend hosting

more events such as, more dances, movie nights, and other fun events.

PLANK 5- Recognizing the need to showcase Alverno’s theatre and arts program, we

recommend that Mary’s Day points be given to those who attend any of the days of the Fall Play,

Spring Musical, AP Art Exhibit, and Advanced Theatre Showcase.

PLANK 6-Recognizing the need for better communication between the states, we recommend

reinstating the weekly state meetings.

PLANK 7- Recognizing limited access to feminine and hygiene products, we recommend

installing a feminine products dispensary and air fresheners

PLANK 8- Recognizing the need for organization and efficiency for clubs, we recommend club

proposals to be approved through our government system before being presented to the student


PLANK 9- Recognizing the need for better communication, we recommend a monthly meeting

between the state executives and ASU in order to present any information regarding any events

or concerns in a timely manner.

PLANK 10- Recognizing the need for better advertisement for Alverno’s sporting events, we

recommend an Instagram specifically for the Alverno sports program.


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