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Allie & Auden – The A Team Official Planks

1. Recognizing the need for more convenient and cheaper access to pads and tampons, we recommend a dispenser with various sizes for these sanitary products, that would only cost students a quarter. 2. Recognizing the need for more support and pride amongst communities 

such as lgbtq+, religious affiliation, ethnic backgrounds, etc, we recommend an event hosted by Alverno to educate others on their communities. 3. Recognizing the need for more consistent club meetings, we recommend 

club time to be a weekly process so each one can gain recognition and hold student fundraisers and events on campus. 4. Recognizing the addition of lower school students, we recommend an 

increase of student freedom for lunch and maximizing the available space on campus through the use of the grass area outside the cafeteria and other student earned lunchtime privileges. 5. Recognizing the need for better communication among students and 

faculty, we recommend regular check-ins between ASU, admin, and congress to be held to discuss the passing of bills as well as other important issues/events, such as detention IF needed. 6. Recognizing the need for better communication within ASU and State 

government, we recommend a monthly report, suggestion box, as well as the announcing of pep rallies with more time in advance in order to efficiently prepare and stay connected. 7. Recognizing the need for more inclusivity at Alverno as well as the 

importance of every student and their voices, ideas, and opinions, we recommend an equal number of lower and upperclassmen in ASU 8. Recognizing that students stay late after school and need access to light for homework and safety, we recommend putting garden stick lights around campus tables 9. Recognizing the need for easier and cheaper access to books, we 

recommend a beginning and end of the year student book sale 10. Recognizing the need to complete all planks, we recommend a new asu position to uphold the duty of keeping track of this set list of planks in order to complete all before the end of the school year. 

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