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PLANKS – Afton & Emma

  1. Recognizing the need for an improved communication system, we recommend a text blast program to spread urgent information, a quarterly meeting between ASU and faculty, and a google form suggestion “box”. 
  2. Recognizing the need for a revamp of the current club system, we recommend the kick-off for already recognized clubs to occur at the beginning of the school year, allowing a creation period for new clubs to establish themselves. 
  3. Recognizing the need for student expression and individuality, we recommend writing a resolution allowing colored hair dye to implemented into our dress code. 
  4. Recognizing the need for increasing students’ knowledge of sexual health and behavior, we recommend a sex-ed program to be implemented into our community times.
  5. Recognizing the need to promote a more sustainable and green environment, we recommend refining the recycling system and using the proceeds for donations and an earth day celebration with opportunities for Mary’s day points.  
  6. Recognizing the need for accomodating student voices and concerns, we recommend a bimonthly ASU, faculty, and staff meeting. 
  7. Recognizing the need for accomplishing student-lead actions, we recommend improving upon the bill and resolution system by creating a google form, as well as hosting instructional bill writing seminars. 
  8. Recognizing the need for an honor society highlighting the arts, we recommend implementing a Thespian Society. 
  9. Recognizing the need for student involvement in the athletic program, along with parent community service opportunities, we recommend a volunteer transportation system to home and senior-farewell games and meets. 
  10. Recognizing the need for encouraging students to explore their interests and passions, we recommend a career day community time with workers from many different fields. 


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