Student Fees


Student Fees – 2020-2021

The following fees, if applicable to your student, will be billed via FACTS. These fees do not include uniforms and/or textbooks, except Physics 9 (Standard and Honors), U.S. History, and World History.


AP TESTING FEE, per AP class, including AP Art (AP fees will be billed in fall 2020)  $95.00


Per class: AP Studio Art, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science,  Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, and Honors Independent Research in Science $150.00
Biology, Forensics, Physics 9 (Standard and Honors), Chemistry, Public Health, History of Medicine, and Women’s Health & Anatomy $100.00
TEXTBOOK FEE, Physics 9 and Physics 9 Honors  per academic year $65.00
TEXTBOOK FEE, U.S. History, World History per academic year $40.00
ART FEE, per Visual & Performing Art class, per academic year $30.00
ONLINE COURSES, ALL online courses will be billed according to online program max. $420/class
LEADERSHIP FEE**, per academic year, all students in student government $150.00
THEATRE FEE***, per performance, cast members only. (In addition, cast and crew are required to sell a designated number of tickets per production) $175.00


ATHLETIC FEE, will be billed when the team roster is finalized $175.00
UNIFORM FEE, per sport, unless student purchased during 2020-2021 season $100.00
ATHLETIC SPIRIT PACK, required for all new athletes*, one-time fee (Includes Athletic Bag and Warm-Ups) *Replacement items for returning may be purchased individually  $150.00


COVID-19 FEE, fee is per semester $100.00

*Lab fees to be determined based on return to campus. 
**$50 Leadership Fee will be charged for all student leaders now with the balance charged upon return to campus. 
***These fees will be charged in the event that these activities are able to proceed. 

Incidental Student Fees

These fees are based on participation in additional activities, events and services.  Payment for these activities will be made directly to the school and will not be billed through FACTS.

YOUTH DAY – approx. $65.00
FIELD TRIPS – approx. $15.00 – $30.00 per trip
STUDENT PARKING PERMIT – $25.00 per year
WINTER FORMAL – approx. $50.00 per ticket
PROM – approx. $120.00 per ticket
FATHER/DAUGHTER ACTIVITY – approx. $35.00 per person
MOTHER/DAUGHTER BRUNCH – approx. $35.00 per person
GRANDPARENTS’ DAY – approx. $35.00/family
GRAD NIGHT – (Seniors only) approx. $125.00 per ticket 

Please note that these are estimated incidental fees and should only be used as a guide. Actual costs may vary and additional fees may be required as activities and events become available during the school year.  Any payments made by check or money order should be directed to the Business Office.  No cash, please.  Questions?  Please contact Lee Ann Bechthold, Business Mgr. at (626) 355-3463, ext. 225 or at

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