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Ken Berry

Ken Berry has been a cherished member of the Alverno community having started his coaching career here in 1999 as a cross country coach. In 2001 he added coaching for the soccer team to his list of responsibilities here at Alverno after coaching for AYSO during the mid ’90s. Berry has pioneered several programs on campus including teaching a conditioning class for PE credits; the cross country summer camps; and, perhaps most impactful, the track & field team in 2007. In 2009, Berry was named Athletic Director of Alverno and continues to proudly serve the community in that role in addition to his coaching and teaching duties.

Akil Lewis

Akil Lewis started coaching in 1984 when his high school coach was unable to continue their season. His next coaching job was for the LAUSD Summer Program in East Los Angeles in 1986. He coached a semi-pro team in Washington DC in 1992. Working around the Pasadena area, Lewis has been either head or assistant coach at Pasadena High School, Blair High School, and La Salle High School. Now the Head Coach for the Deportivos Aztecas Club that participates in the Villa Parke League, Lewis has also the head coach for the league’s all-star team that tried out for the Mexiacn National Team. Akil Lewis has been a phenomenal addition to Alverno Heights Academy’s soccer team this year inspiring our Jaguars to play their best.

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