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Alverno Heights Academy encourages its students to reach out – to explore new horizons, to get involved in global concerns, and to help shape ideas and technologies of the future. Nearly all Alverno students participate in some form of student activities. Student government plays an important role in shaping the school calendar and channeling the efforts of classes. Organizations and clubs are plentiful, providing something for everyone; school and community service, academic competitions, cultural interests, spirit building, publications, and the development of special talents.

2017-18 Clubs

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  • Ambassador Corps
  • Art and Photography Club
  • Black Student Sisterhood
  • Book Club
  • Dance Club
  • Drama Club
  • Fashion Club
  • Gaming Company
  • Harry Potter Fandom Club
  • Multicultural Club
  • Rainbow Club
  • Running Club
  • Science and Math Club


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explore our honor societies

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  • Math Honor Society
  • National Art Honor Society
  • National Honor Society
  • National Speech & Debate Association
  • National Science Honor Society
  • National Social Studies Honor Society
  • World Languages Honor Society

National Honor Society members offer tutoring opportunities to students on campus who may need some extra help in their studies. If you feel in need of some assistance, click here to fill out the application form to sign up for NHS tutoring.

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