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Tuition Information

Each year, the Board of Trustees determines tuition for Alverno Heights Academy based on the annual cost of educating a child as projected in the operating budget for the coming academic and fiscal year. Prospective and current families should anticipate an increase in tuition each year due to the normal increase in operating expenses. Tuition for the 2018-2019 school year will be announced in early 2018. 

Tuition and Fees for the 2017-2018 School Year

Grades 9-11: $18,750
Grade 12: $18,935 (Includes Graduation fees.) 
Fundraising Obligations: $950 (Annual Giving Campaign, Annual Gala Tickets and Donation, and Student Fundraiser)

Currently, Alverno’s tuition does not fully cover the cost of educating a student at Alverno. In order to bridge the gap, Alverno has set minimum fundraising expectations for families as shown above. These may be paid in one payment at the beginning of the school year or once per quarter.

Additionally, families are expected to complete 20 service hours (10 hours for single-parent families) each school year. Service hours may be purchased at $25 per hour.

*Tuition does not include the cost of uniforms, textbooks, or electronic devices which may range from $300 to $1,000. Additional fees for activities, AP courses, athletics, field trips, etc. range from $100 to $150 depending on your daughter’s involvement. Please reference the form below for estimated financial responsibilities and estimated fees for this school year. 

Tuition Payment Options for 2017-2018 School Year

1) Option #1: One Pay

Tuition 9-11: $ 18,250 ($18,750 – $500 discount = $18,250) 
Tuition 12: $18,435 ($18,935 – $500 discount = $18,435) 
Total Due June 1, 2017: $18,250 or $18,435 

2) Option #2: All-Inclusive Tuition (Due by June 1, 2017)

Tuition: $24,000 (Includes Registration Fees, Annual Giving, Student Fundraiser, Parent service hours, Gala donation and tickets, all field trips, all AP courses, all sports’ fees, books, electronic devices of the school’s choice, uniforms (up to $500), Academic Assistance, all APA events, all ASU events)

3) Option #3: Eleven-month Payment Plan

Tuition 9-11: $ 18,750 ÷ 11 = $1,705 
Tuition 12: $18,935 ÷ 11 = $1,722 
Total Due June 5, 2017: $1,705 (9th-11th) or $1,722 (12th) 
*This amount will be adjusted for recipients of scholarships and financial aid

~ To enroll in a FACTS Tuition Payment Plan or manage your account, click here. ~

If you have any questions for FACTS, you can contact their help line at (866)-441-4637. Tuition questions can be directed to Lee Ann Bechthold at (626) 355-3463 ext. 225 or

Financial Assistance

At Alverno Heights Academy, we understand the decision to attend a Catholic, independent school is a significant financial commitment for families. We recognize and applaud a family’s commitment to their daughter’s education and strive to provide qualified students access to an Alverno education.

~ For more information on how you can apply for financial aid visit our Financial Assistance page here. ~


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