Conservatory Courses 2018


Conservatory for Middle School Girls


“Words of Women”
This English course will have a focus on women in literature and give girls the opportunity to study female authors from the female perspective. The class will also review writing skills, vocabulary and HSPT/ISEE preparedness.

“Divide and Conquer”
A pre-Algebraic equations course, which will also have several lessons on women in mathematics to help empower girls to pursue futures in math and other STEM related fields. Essential math lessons for the HSPT/ISEE will also be addressed.

“One Girl Revolution”
This leadership course will focus on giving girls the tools to be leaders within their communities. Female empowerment will be the daily focus with lessons on important women throughout history; and how girls can help “revolutionize” the future.

“Gross Science”
The Science course will cover a plethora of subjects from biology, and chemistry, to physics and anatomy. There will be a focus on female scientists and includes messy activities and experiments to promote hands-on learning.

Ready on the Set
Girls will learn about script writing, broadcast journalism, and some of the ins and outs of the television industry including hearing from Alverno alumnae working in this field!

“Through the Female Lens”
The Visual Arts course will teach the girls multiple different art forms from drawing and painting to photography basics. There will be lessons on female artists throughout history as well.

“Science of Movement”
Girls will participate in physical activities focused around physics and anatomy, learn how our bodies create energy, and much more.

“Building Communication”
The American Sign Language course will take place only in the last week and will teach the girls some basic words and concepts in ASL including numbers, letters, and greetings. It will also teach girls about mindfulness and acceptance of different forms of communication.

“Take Center Stage”
This intensive will offer students the opportunity to explore improvisation, theatrical scenes, musical theater, and several different types of dance including hip-hop, jazz, and tap. Additionally, a performing arts field trip will give girls insider access to the exciting industry in Los Angeles. Finally, an evening showcase on Friday, June 22 will conclude the two-weeks and allow girls to take center stage!

“Empowering Future Scientists”
This intensive offers girls hands-on learning in Alverno’s thriving STEM program. Innovative classes and exciting technology will expose girls to chemistry, biology, forensics, and coding. During the class, girls will learn not only from Alverno’s science instructors but also from current students participating in Alverno’s exclusive Honors Independent Research in Science course. A local field trip will not only offer an afternoon of fun and research but an opportunity to witness the ways in which girls can change the world through STEM.

“The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection”
This intensive will focus on building confidence, empowerment, and positive self-image through yoga, Zumba, culinary arts, and personal beauty. Two special culinary arts lessons will encourage girls to step into the kitchen and learn about healthy and simple eating while yoga and Zumba give girls the chance to appreciate the movement of their bodies and a deeper connection to their soul. Finally, one of our Alverno alumnae will visit campus to talk about taking care of their bodies including nutrition, healthy skincare, and more.

Plus: Field Trips, HSPT Practice Test, High School Admission and Financial Aid Information Session, Performing Arts Night, and Graduation Ceremony

From Start to Finish…It’s About You

Over the course of five weeks, you will get to explore the Arts, STEM, and the mind, body, spirit connection in a way that only Alverno can offer you. In addition to your intensives, the entire Conservatory will also include the activities and courses above.  

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