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Alverno Student Fundraiser 2016-2017

Dear Students and Parents of Alverno Heights Academy,

It is our hope that you all will be just as excited for this year’s student fundraiser as we are, along with the rest of ASU.

Our student fundraiser plays such an instrumental role within our school community. The funds raised through this annual fundraiser directly support all school activities. Everything you have come to love about Alverno is directly made possible by the efforts behind raising and meeting our student fundraiser goal. The funds raised by each of you serves each state and the overall school, which is why it is so vital that we get 100% participation and strive to not only reach our goal but even surpass it. The money that is raised benefits not only the school, but also each of the states in order to fund their activities and events.

The more we raise as a community, the better our school activities can be and the larger the impact of our ten percent donation can be to this year’s charity. Our new tagline says it all, “Be Who You Imagine.” This year your president and vice president are imagining ourselves to be the student body who can continue the philanthropic mission of Alverno Heights Academy to make each student’s time here at Alverno nothing short of amazing! This fundraiser is the perfect way to contribute back to your class, school, and overall Alverno community.


Moon Rabb & Vale Siess

ASU President & Vice President, 2016-2017

~ Download the Student Fundraiser Form Here ~

~ Make online fundraiser payments here ~


$150/student – Every Alverno student is expected to raise $150 for the school  

Do you have a sister at Alverno? There is a sibling discount!  This means that $150 first student/$130 Second student = $280

As of 12/09, if your student fundraising form was not submitted to Ms. Campos the options of selling chocolates and the combination option are no longer available due to ordering deadlines. 


World’s Finest Chocolate (5 boxes) – Each chocolate bar sold sends $0.50 back to Alverno.  Sell 5 boxes of chocolate (60 bars each x 5 = 300 bars), turn-in $300; $150 paid to World’s Finest Chocolate and $150 to the school.  

  • Chocolate boxes available beginning Tuesday, December 13th  
  • Boxes of chocolate will be distributed only if prepaid
  • Please note that you do not need to prepay for all five boxes at once. For example, if you would prefer to purchase the boxes at different times, you may choose the date and number of boxes most convenient to you.
  • Last day to purchase chocolate by Thursday January 19, 2017

Jaguar Drawing Tickets (30 tickets) – Each Jaguar Drawing Ticket is $5 and enters participants in a drawing to win awesome prizes. There are lots of chances to win!  Participants can win more than once as tickets are dumped back into wheel even after chosen.  

  • Tickets distributed  Friday, December 9th (only if prepaid)
  • Drawings held- 01/18/17, 01/25/17, 02/01/17
  • Last day to turn in ticket stubs and money is Tuesday, January 31, 2017 during state meetings  

Combination Option– Sell 3 boxes of chocolate and sell 12 Jaguar Drawing Tickets (Refer above for details for chocolate bars and Jaguar Drawing Tickets).

Tax-Deductible Donation Option– If you prefer not to sell World’s Finest Chocolate or Jaguar Drawing Tickets, and would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Annual Student Fundraiser, please submit a check payable to Alverno Heights Academy or pay online. (Receipts will be issued.)  



Fundraising Incentives:

  • – Those who complete their $150 fundraising expectation may wear free dress until Feb. 6thstarting Jan.   4th.
  • -Those who double their $150 commitment for a total of $300 will receive free dress until Feb. 6th starting Jan. 4th and every Monday thereafter until the end of school.
  • -If we, as a school, hit our goal of $27,000 raised, the entire school will receive a day off of school on Monday, March 27th

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