Leadership & Governance


Alverno Heights Academy is an independent educational institution overseen by an administration and Board of Trustees.

Alverno Heights Academy Leadership Team

Julia V. Fanara P’01, P’03, and P’05, Head of School
jfanara@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Cam Werley-Gonzales, Assistant Head of School, Curriculum Director
cgonzales@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Sara McCarthy, Director of Admissions and Public Relations
smccarthy@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Megan Hoover, Dean of Students and Director of College Counseling
mhoover@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Kari Irvin, Dean of Faculty
kirvin@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Alverno Heights Academy Directors

Ken Berry, Director of Athletics
kberry@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Melissa Campos ’08, Director of Alumnae Affairs and Advancement and Director of Activities 
mcampos@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Wendy Finch-Burk, Director of Development and Institutional Advancement 
wfinch@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Megan Hoover, Director of College Guidance
mhoover@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Tim McHugh, Director of Online Communications
tmchugh@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Sara McCarthy ’05, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management 
smccarthy@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

KC Merchant, Director of Technology
kmerchant@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Cam Werley-Gonzales, Curriculum Director
cgonzales@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Academic Department Heads

Suzy Ares ā€™93 and Pā€™17, Science Department Chair
sares@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Julia Fanara, English Department Chair
jfanara@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Giselle Grams, Foreign Language Department Chair
ggrams@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Katharine Guerrero, Theology Department Chair
kguerrero@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Hoku Janbazian, Librarian
hjanbazian@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Tim Lewis, Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair
tlewis@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

KC Merchant, Director of Technology
kmerchant@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Lisa Primero-Solano, Math Department Chair
lsolano@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Kari Irvin, Social Studies Department Chair
dtymon@alvernoheights.org ~ (626) 355-3463

Board of Trustees

President: Ken Farfsing P’00
Head of School: Julia V. Fanara P’01, P’03, and P’05

Amira Al-Sarraf P ’10
Patrick Bowler, Jr.
Kathryn Clare, IHM
Julie Dyer-Lopez P’11 and P’16
Richard Enderlin P’07
Father Michael Higgins, CP
Tom Janzen P ’09, P ’11, P ’13
Bridget Marshall ’64
Monica Flores Roman ’99
Debbie Seanez P ’03 and P’13
Terry Traver ’65

Board of Trustees Emeritus:
Rose Chamberlin, IHM
Gloria Kolarik, IHM
Elizabeth Mahoney, IHM, In Loving Memory

Board of Trustees Committee Chairs

Executive: Ken Farfsing P’00, Chair
Board Affairs: Ellen Driscoll ’72, Chair
Buildings and Grounds: Ken Farfsing P’00, Chair
Capital Campaign Planning: Rich Enderlin P’07, Chair
Charism: Kathryn Clare, IHM, Chair
Finance: Julie Dyer-Lopez, P’09 and P’16, Chair
Marketing and Development: Monica Flores Roman ’99, Chair
Master Plan: Ken Farfsing P’00, Chair
Risk Management: Patrick Bowler, Jr., Chair

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