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On November 30, Alverno Heights Academy hosted “Science Night at Alverno” in collaboration with Caltech Educational Outreach. Guests of all ages were given the opportunity to learn more about Alverno’s extensive STEM program as well as see some of the exciting work being done at Caltech by undergraduates, graduate students, and professors alike. The evening […]

On Monday, March 13 Alverno Heights Academy’s Honors Physics class, as well as a handful of other students, had the opportunity to meet and hear from Susan G. Finley, the longest-serving woman in NASA. Finley has been an employee at JPL since 1958! Somewhat of a recent local celebrity, Finley’s notoriety has risen thanks to […]

Last Weekend the Alverno SEAL Team presented their research on efficient photo-catalysts for splitting water to the Center for Chemical Innovation. On Saturday, January 28th 2017, the Alverno SEAL Team presented their research in a poster session at the Center for Chemical Innovation (CCI) Conference at the Newport Beach Marriott.  The conference was a great opportunity for […]

Story and Photos Contributed by Ms. Monica Barsever, Science Department  On Monday, January 23 the Alverno Heights Academy Honors Physics class had the opportunity to visit Pasadena’s own Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on an exciting field trip. During their trip, the class was encouraged to “Dare Mighty Things.” “Dare Mighty Things” is a current exhibit and program […]

It has been an exciting week for Alverno’s iGEM team! They concluded their trip to Boston where they earned a silver medal at the prestigious iGEM International Science Competition in their first time participating! This silver medal finish ranks Alverno Heights Academy alongside such prestigious universities as Cornell, Duke, Georgia State, Michigan, NYU, Purdue, Rice, […]

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