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A blog by Yasmine Balkis, Math Department As we approach the end of an arduous year for many of our students, we begin to wonder what lies ahead. Our seniors will be navigating the challenges of college, our juniors will be traversing through college applications, and our freshman and sophomores will be stepping into novel […]

A blog by Ms. Sandy Bogan, World Languages Department Learning another language has long been a requirement in most high school programs. But did you know that learning a different language will improve your brain function and may even postpone the onset of Alzheimer’s disease? Studies have shown that speaking a second language exercises different […]

A Blog by Ms. Julia Fanara P’01, ’03, & ’05, Head of School  Some seniors may begin to experience senioritis now that we are in second semester. Here is a parable to help them through it. When I was 17 years old, I belonged to Explorer Pack 181, a mountaineering pack. Yes, I was one […]

how do you know if a college or university campus fits you? Sometimes we do not even know the right questions to ask ourselves when considering our post-secondary options. Director of College Counseling, Ms. Megan Hoover will offer her advice through a series of blog posts here starting with this one: What to ask yourself when considering […]

  Everyday tasks like ordering coffee from Starbucks turn into monumental obstacles to those who live with social anxiety. Starbucks serves an astounding 1.3 billion coffee drinks a week in the U.S., but for approximately 5.5% of the population, stepping up to the counter to order their latest sweet creation is nearly impossible – such is […]

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