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The Alverno Parents’Association (APA) maintains a service hour website (located under the “Parent” tab on the Alverno website) which allows all current families to regularly check the number of service hours they have completed and utilizes “” for families to sign-up for events. 

As a reminder, families are expected to contribute 20 service hours during the school year or 10 hours for single-parent(s)/guardian(s) homes. Families who do not complete their service hours will be billed $25 per hour. Families who have a variable tuition agreement with Alverno are not eligible to pay off remaining hours. Hours that are not completed at the end of the school year will be added to the following year’s service hour requirement and may affect your daughter’s award eligibility. Families receiving financial aid or scholarship support from Alverno must complete half of their hours by December 31 in order to be considered for award renewal.

Service Hour opportunities are plentiful throughout the school year.  APA-sponsored events, Drama Productions and the Booster club qualify as service hours.  To check out the OFFICIAL LIST OF EVENTS – click here! 

The following are example of Service hour opportunities: 

APA-Sponsored Events

Father-Daughter Picnic , Winter Formal, Gala, Mother-Daughter Tea & Mary’s Day

Booster Club

Sports Games, Booster Club Fundraising Events at the Rose Bowl,  & Booster Concessions Donations $15 (wholesale price) non-premium – 2 hours

Drama and Choral Events

Fall Play, Harvest Fest Concert, Spring Musical & Spring Songfest 

Food Donations

Food donation will be credited as listed without exception (serving size 12-20):

Beverages – 1 hour, Entrée – 2 hours, Fruit – 1 hour, Breads – 1 hour, Desserts – 1 hour

Upon working your hours or donating, please fill out a Service Hours Credit From (be as specific as possible), include the Event Chair’s signature and the submit to the office for credit.  For donations, please staple your receipt to the form.

For questions regarding your hours, please contact your Event Chair or the APA Service Hour Coordinator at


APA Executive Board



President Vicky Ryan P ’20
1st Vice-President Veronica Jauregui P’20
2nd Vice-President Nysha Dahlgren P’22
Treasurer Robert Studer P’22 
Service Hour Coordinator Jennifer Higdon P’21
Parliamentarian Debbi Ramirez P ’20
Recording Secretary Linda Aguilar-Fraley P’22
Gala Liason Faith Larsen P’22
Sports Representative Lisa Villanueva P’21
Staff Liason Michelle Gray

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