Drama & Improv Club


The Alverno Heights Academy Drama Club accepts 41 members per year. The students claim “that all the world’s their stage” as they plan a lively year. When students join the drama club, they have the opportunity to attend a professional theatrical production, enter scene and monologue competitions in the spring, and work on the fall play. The “Drama Tech club” was also formed so students can participate on the crew of upcoming stage productions. They learn behind the scenes skills including set design, props, costumes, make-up, lighting, and sound.

Combining with the Improv Club this year, this club is also an opportunity for students to explore the art of improvisation. The purpose of this club is to learn to work with other people to create a work of art. It will be about not only learning to do improv but also honing one’s skills as an actor.


Cynthia Cales, Visual and Performing Arts Department

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