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Alverno Heights Academy encourages its students to reach out – to explore new horizons, to get involved in global concerns, and to help shape ideas and technologies of the future. Nearly all Alverno students participate in some form of student activities. Student government plays an important role in shaping the school calendar and channeling the efforts of classes. Organizations and clubs are plentiful, providing something for everyone; school and community service, academic competitions, cultural interests, spirit building, publications, and the development of special talents.

2017-18 Clubs:

Art / Photography Club- “Being in photography club has been a great way to discover new techniques, photo concepts, and to share great phots with others who truly appreciate the art of photography.” – Catherine Johnson ‘17

Dance Club- “Dance Club was a really fun experience to bond with other dancers in other classes and to share our creative sides!” –Caroline Dragos ‘19

Harry Potter Club- “This year, we drove into the magical world of Harry Potter. We sorted out everybody into the 4 houses, played games, hosted potlucks, and watched the films together. With every activity, we earned points for our respected houses and at the end of the year the house with the most points won (This was Gryffindor! Big Surprise.) A good time was had by all!” –Katie Taix ‘16

Drama/ Improv Club- “Drama/Improv Club has been an amazing way for our girls to express themselves freely and grow in their acting abilities. It’s definitely never without a few laughs! –Arianna Munoz ‘17

Book Club- “Book Club was a surprise for me. Before I joined, I underestimated how fun it could be. And now, I wish I’d been a member all four years. It reminded me of how pleasant it was to be able to take out any book I wanted and read for my own pleasure. It was satisfying to share my own impressions of a novel and charming to hear others discuss their selections.”- Isabella Dominquez ‘16

Gaming Company- “Being in Gaming Company has been an all-around awesome experience. You get to hand out with friends while trying out new, fun, and exciting games. What’s not to like?” -Julia Landis ‘17

Ambassador Club- “Being an ambassador allowed me to show my leadership skills and advertise all the wonderful aspects of Alverno to others. Ambassadors represent the school hugely and it was an honor to be a part of it.” –Moondera Raab ‘17

Multi-Cultural Club- “The Multicultural Club both acknowledges and celebrates the cultural diversity here at Alverno. In our monthly meetings, we will learn more about cultures through student presentations and samplings of yummy food. The goal of the club is to have a school wide celebration of cultures, Multicultural Day, which will involve all of the members of the community enjoying food, song, history, and dance from all of the nationality groups present on our campus.” –Vanessa Prada ’18

Science Club- “Science club effectively and steadily brought school-wide awareness to environmental issues and the ways we can combat their harmful effects. It also introduced and perpetuated a new found interest in sign language, which is now quite commonly used by students and teachers alike at Alverno.” –Hanaa Zeroug ‘17

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Math Honor Society- “I loved being a part of Mu Alpha Theta because it made an effort to get involved on campus. Being in the club was more than a title- we got to celebrate Pi Day with everyone and contribute to the community. It definitely amplified the experience.” –Alexxa Vasquez ‘16

National Honor Society– “Being a part of the NHS has really solidified my love for service. I love that through NHS, I have been able to impact the lives of so many within the Alverno community, and beyond.” –Alicia Lindheimer ‘17

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