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All students were invited to join us for Convention this past Friday from 2-3pm on Zoom! It was super informative event that included speeches and some creative pieces created by our candidates. Also, we heard inspiring speeches from our current President & Vice President, Madison Ramirez and Vianni Barzallo! We also had our incoming Freshman, Naomy, open the Convention by singing the National Anthem! Please take a look! 

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A closing message from your current PResident Madison Ramirez: 

Good afternoon Alverno. As you all know today is convention, the time for all of you to hear directly from your tickets who are running to be next year’s president and vice president. Watching these tickets campaign with such energy and vigor has made me nostalgic for last year’s campaigning, it’s crazy to think it has been a full year from that, a full year from staying up until 3 in the morning making personalized fruit cups for every student, a full year from a sleepover with our dedicated ticket talking so long about planks and campaigning we fell asleep dreaming of those thoughts, a full year from working the hardest I ever have worked. Today I mostly would like to say thank you. Thank you to Ms. Capra for being such a great leader and advisor, helping Vianni and I to navigate ASU and grow into our positions. Thank you to everyone for voting us in and sticking with us through this past year. Thank you for the trust that you put into us; I hope we have made you proud. Thank you to our wonderful ASU who constantly inspire and motivate me. In the beginning I was nervous about leading ASU but the moment I caught a glimpse of the dedication, work ethic, and flurry of ideas that would come out of every meeting I knew everything would be all right. Thank you Vianni for going through this whole journey with me and convincing me to go on it in the first place. You have made this one of the most fun and thrilling experiences of my life so far and I’m so lucky to have been able to do this with not only a partner but a friend. Thank you to our wonderful tickets for giving Vianni and I the peace of mind that, whatever direction the elections go, Alverno will be left in good hands. And thank you once again to every person at Alverno for giving me this opportunity that has made me love my senior year so much that it pains me to let it go. You have given me memories that I will keep forever.


A closing message from your current VICE PResident Vianni Barzallo: 

Good afternoon everyone. the day has finally come! I’m getting kicked out. I’m just kidding. kinda. our time in office has finally come to a close. and what a year it has been! I congratulate all the tickets running because if this whole pandemic was occurring during our time in office, I would have just given up. but you didn’t. you prevailed. and that’s why i’m so proud of each and every one of you. Yesterday during the Q&a, I saw how dedicated and passionate you all are and I am just so honored to have been able to experience that. I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside you amazing women and it’s genuinely what made this year more amazing for me. whether it’s working on some bills during congress, or working on a number for advanced theater, or learning a song during vocal rehearsals. you ladies have been with me through everything this year. and I thank you. Now I want to say thank you to some other people who have made this year the best. Thank you to my friends, especially Madison who let me look at her speech so that I could have an easier time writing mine, I know you are going to kill it in college and I am going to miss you and our weekly, wait, daily trips to Taco bell. Thank you to all the teachers who have tried to make this stressful time easier for us seniors. i know it’s hard on you guys too but just know we appreciate and love you. thank you ms. capra for all your support and constant praise on anything we do. you are what makes asu so strong. and thank you alverno for being such an amazing school. I can’t believe you let me be vice president and I am so thankful for that. I’m so sad to go but I know no matter who wins, my school will be left in good, strong, and dependable hands. I love you all and I’m always just a phone call away. Thank you and I’ll miss you. 


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