Ambassador Corps

Members of the Alverno Ambassador Club show guests around the school, represent Alverno at high school fairs and elementary schools, host 8th graders on selected visiting days, and are one of the most important public faces of the school. Ambassadors help at the annual Gala, welcome visitors to campus for special events, and volunteer at community events in Sierra Madre. Two co-Secretaries of State are in charge of the club, with help from one representative from each class.

  • “Being an ambassador allowed me to show my leadership skills and advertise all the wonderful aspects of Alverno to others. Ambassadors represent the school hugely and it was an honor to be a part of it.” – Moondera Rabb ‘17

MODERATOR: Sara A. McCarthy ’05, Director of Admissions and Public Relations

Art and Photography Club

The mission of Alverno Heights Academy’s Art and Photography Club is to promote the imagination and artistic creativity of students through various media. Artistic abilities are further encouraged through projects, which foster discipline, a strong work ethic, and imagination. The Art and Photography Club hopes to foster improvement in other areas of curiosity, responsibility, and involvement in the Alverno community. Photography is a medium can be explored through anything from iPhone cameras to Polaroids. Students can discover their passion for photography while observing photographs taken by others whilst capturing moments of their own.

  •  “Art and Photography Club is about letting people express their creative minds, learning different techniques, asking for advice, showing our pieces, and working together to create new pieces.” – Elisia Bendy ’19
  • “Being in Art and Photography Club has been a great way to discover new techniques, photo concepts, and to share great photos with others who truly appreciate the art of photography.” – Catherine Johnson ‘17

MODERATOR: Tim Lewis, Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair

Black Student Sisterhood

Alverno’s Black Student Sisterhood provides a welcoming community in which members can discuss current events, create awareness, and perform community service. Emphasizing the Black Student experience, this campus organization will host discussions and is planning events for Black History Month.

  • “During my time in the Black Student Sisterhood I hope to expand my understanding of the oppression that people of color have faced around the world. I would also love to gain a community in which I can freely state my thoughts and feelings. Finally, I hope that I can help those that are less privileged than I during our service opportunities.” – Afton Okwu ’21

MODERATOR: Katharine Guerrero, Campus Minister, Theology Department Chair

Book Club

The Alverno Book Club meets the first Thursday of every month in the library to discuss books that we have read. We choose books by genre (mystery, science fiction, classics, etc.), so members may have a chance to read something they might not ordinarily choose. The club’s only two rules: you have to read a book, and you don’t have to like what the librarian likes!

  • “Book Club was a surprise for me. Before I joined, I underestimated how fun it could be. And now, I wish I’d been a member all four years. It reminded me of how pleasant it was to be able to take out any book I wanted and read for my own pleasure. It was satisfying to share my own impressions of a novel and charming to hear others discuss their selections.” – Isabella Dominguez ‘16

MODERATOR: Hoku Janbazian, Librarian

Dance Club

Dance Club’s goal is to encourage its members and the Alverno community to dance as much as possible and to have fun! Throughout the year, they will choreograph and perform routines in a variety of dance genres.

  •  “As a beginner dancer it’s so fun to learn new techniques! I’ve enjoyed being able to advance my performance skills as a dancer.” – Rita Kearns ’19
  • “Dance Club was a really fun experience to bond with other dancers in other classes and to share our creative sides!” – Caroline Dragos ‘19

MODERATOR: Cynthia Cales, Visual and Performing Arts Department

Drama Club

The Alverno Heights Academy Drama Club believes “that all the world’s their stage” as they plan a lively year. They provide a community for Alverno’s thespians in all grades, giving opportunities to have fun and express themselves. They learn behind the scenes skills including set design, props, costumes, make-up, lighting, and sound. Members also assist our productions including our Fall Play, Spring Musical, and Comedy Sportz matches.

  • “As someone who has been previously involved in theater, I am able to expand my talents with improv games and share techniques with others.” – Martiza DiRito ’19
  • “Drama Club has been an amazing way for our girls to express themselves freely and grow in their acting abilities. It’s definitely never without a few laughs!” – Ariana Muñoz ‘17

MODERATOR: Cynthia Cales, Visual and Performing Arts Department

Fashion Club

The Fashion Club helps people understand how the fashion industry works, to express their styles, and to get people started in the growing business. We look at different fashion trends throughout the year while learning how to draw fashion ideas and how to combine fabrics to make an outfit.

  • “Fashion Club was really fun. It had positive vibes, and I’m enjoying it so much. I can’t wait to learn more in our upcoming meetings.” – Katrina Hannah ’19

MODERATOR: Eileen Cameron, English Department

Gaming Company

Gaming Company’s mission is to play various types of board and tabletop games to create new friendships and using your brain to have fun. Various types of games are played from strategy, social, to mystery games. Board and card games are as old as civilization and today it has become a large hobby for many. This year, the Gaming Company is helping the members of the Fall Play production, She Kills Monsters, learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Games we have played in the past include Apples to Apples, Werewolf, Pandemic, Small World, and Carcassone.

  • “Looking for a place to have fun in many different ways? Then come join Gaming Company, where we play all sorts of games like RPS, tabletop games, card games, and every board game imaginable! Play them all in the company of your fellow classmates.” – Juliette Arteaga ’19
  • “Being in Gaming Company has been an all-around awesome experience. You get to hang out with friends while trying out new, fun, and exciting games. What’s not to like?” – Julia Landis ‘17

MODERATOR: KC Merchant, Director of Technology

Harry Potter Fandom Club

Members of the Harry Potter Club gather together to discuss their shared passion for Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hogwarts. Past meetings have included Halloween themed science experiments focused on spells in the beloved series. If you are wondering what house you belong to we can tell you that you belong in Harry Potter Club! In addition to their shared love of the Potterverse, members of this club enjoy celebrating their appreciation for many different pop culture and literature media.

  • “If you have a love for any movie, book, TV show, or more, then you’ll find a place at Harry Potter Fandom Club. People of difference fandoms come together to show their love for their favorite fandoms and, most importantly, to have fun!” – Juliette Arteaga ’19
  • “This year, we drove into the magical world of Harry Potter. We sorted out everybody into the 4 houses, played games, hosted potlucks, and watched the films together. With every activity, we earned points for our houses, and at the end of the year the house with the most points won! (This was Gryffindor! Big Surprise.) A good time was had by all!” – Katie Taix ‘16

MODERATOR: Monica Barsever, Science Department

Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club both acknowledges and celebrates the cultural diversity here at Alverno. In our meetings, we will learn more about cultures through student presentations and samplings of delicious food. The purpose of the club is to bring awareness to different cultures around the world. We look forward to celebrating a Multicultural Day here at Alverno and plan to invite visitors from different places around the world to come and talk to the members of our club.

  • “Multicultural Club is an awesome club because it expands our view of other cultures. I really enjoy the meetings with people from different cultures and all the fun activities we do! This Christmas we are looking at all the different ways different countries celebrate the holidays.” – Vanessa Prata’18

MODERATOR: Ms. Giselle Grams, World Languages Chair

Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club raises awareness and spreads the love for the LGBTQ community. The club is a safe space for those who may need help feeling comfortable in their own skin. The Rainbow Club looks forward to inviting guest speakers, politically and socially engaging in LGBTQ issues, and even hosting a potluck.

  • “Rainbow Club has created a safe and healthy environment where members and allies of the LGBTQ community can connect and foster new friendships.” – Sierra Curren ’18

MODERATOR: Katharine Guerrero, Campus Minister, Theology Department Chair

Running Club

The purpose of the Running Club is to give all students an opportunity to stay healthy and active throughout the school year without having to commit to a full sport. As the name implies, club meetings will largely consist of running. We will provide ample opportunities for club members to join a new group of friends with whom they can be active.

  • “I like to go on adventures… so it’s super cool that we go together and run to a bunch of different places” – Kaitlyn Hammer ’21

MODERATOR: Alex Grimstad, Cross Country and Track & Field Coach, Science Department, Math Department, Visual and Performing Arts Department

Science and Math Club

Science and Math Club fosters interest in math and science through speakers and trips to math and science-related events. They are arranging for guest speakers to visit our club, and are planning teacher-supervised experiments. Their aim is to supplement our lives with science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Science and Math Club’s mission is to promote science and the empowerment of pushing past the barrier between the known and unknown in order to get more girls interested in these fields while proving how much fun they can be!

  • “Science and Math Club promotes women in STEM through various activities such as aquaponics, gardening, the school recycling campaign, science sign language, and research in various fields.” – Melody Wu ’18
  • “Science club effectively and steadily brought school-wide awareness to environmental issues and the ways we can combat their harmful effects. It also introduced and perpetuated a new found interest in sign language, which is now quite commonly used by students and teachers alike at Alverno.” – Hanaa Zerroug ‘17

MODERATOR: Monica Barsever, Science Department

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