Welcome Letter from Julia Fanara


July 13, 2018

To our Alverno Family,

I am very excited to welcome each of you back to Alverno and the new school year. Our theme this year is Her-story – It Starts with Family! We are continuing the Her-story theme for this year, but with a slightly different emphasis. Alverno is a family. Our families, alumna, and students are all part of the Alverno family. We want to uplift this message to a world where children need a place to belong. As the proud Head of School of Alverno Heights Academy, I am pleased to tell you of the many changes that have occurred this summer. We have also have had a change in our administration:

  • Ms. Kari Irvin is now the Assistant Head of School and oversees the academic program and all scheduling. If you have questions about the academic program, please contact her.
    Ms. Megan Hoover will continue in her role as Director of College Counseling as well as the Dean of Students. She is in the Learning Technology Center (LTC).
    Ms. Sara McCarthy ‘05 is still the admissions director, but her new title is Director of Enrollment and Student Engagement. This means that she is also in charge of student life, including activities and government.
    Ms. Cam Gonzales is still with us, but in a new position. She is the Director of the Accelerated Honors Program (AHP) and will be working primarily with the gifted students. She will be on campus part-time. Her office is where Outreach used to be in the LTC, right next to Ms. Janbazian’s office.
    We have some new teachers this year, as well:
    Ms. Lindsay Weishaar, will be the new ASL teacher. Ms. Weishaar has over 13 years of experience working with schools and the deaf community. She will also be the teaching Global Studies and join Ms. Carnighan as the freshman moderator. We are thrilled to have her.
    Mr. Godwin Mordi is our new volleyball coach. Coach Mordi is an experienced VB coach, as well as a physical therapist! He has worked at La Canada High School with the frosh/soph teams and with the Northwest Volleyball Club.

We have been working diligently on the operational and planning phase of the Alverno Athletic Fields Capital Campaign. We have been meeting with many alumnae, school families, and friends of Alverno. Throughout this very positive experience, it has been most rewarding to bring the Alverno family back together across the years. To date, we have raised over $1 million, thanks to the generosity of our donors. We have less than $200k left to raise. We hope we can count on you to help us reach that goal! We plan on breaking ground this September if the construction gods smile upon us! Keep your fingers crossed!

This year, we are introducing an Weekly Bell Schedule 2018-2019 with built-in study halls and late start Mondays for students. We are very aware of the need to meet not only the academic needs of our students, but also their social-emotional needs. With the new schedule, we hope to offer more opportunities for this growth. You can learn more about the schedule in Ms. Irvin’s letter.

Our new freshman class was with us in late June learning all about Alverno. They will bring a wonderful enthusiasm to the campus in the fall. They are the largest class we have and are full of energy! They have already begun to make deep friendships. We also will be welcoming new transfer students in all classes. People are excited about the changes happening at Alverno and they want to be here!

I am so thrilled to be the leader of such an amazing institution. We are blessed with incredibly caring parents who are devoted to their daughter’s education, gifted and talented faculty who are dedicated to our students, and students who blow me away each and every day with their successes, large and small.

Let your daughter’s story begin or continue this year – Her-story – It Starts with Family! Welcome to all, as we welcome in the school year together!

God bless,



Julia V. Fanara, M.A and M.Ed., P ’01, P’03, and P’05 
Head of School

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