E-Periods and Descriptions


E-Period Course List

*Indicates that departmental approval is required.

A Day Classes

Campus Ministry* – Ms. Katharine Guerrero
Enrichment American Folk Craft – Ms. Denise Tymon
Healthy Living I – Ms. Alex Fanara and Ms. Jannifer Heiner
Independent Research in Engineering – Mr. KC Merchant and Ms. Monica Barsever
Open Studio – Mr. Tim Lewis
Physical Conditioning – Mr. Ken Berry
Pilates – Ms. Lisa Primero-Solano
Reality Check – Mr. Mike Sifter
Television Analysis and Critique – Mr. Tim McHugh
Stagecraft – Ms. Cynthia Cales
Study Skills – Ms. Claudia Rodarte
Upper Division English Seminar* – Ms. Eileen Cameron

B Day Classes

Advanced Placement Social Studies Seminar* – Mr. Mike Sifter and Ms. Denise Tymon
Algebra Practice* – Ms. Alex Fanara
Boot Camp – Mr. Ken Berry
College Preparation I – Ms. Hoover
Geometry Practice* – Ms. Lisa Primero-Solano
Healthy Living II – Ms. Suzy Ares and Ms. Corrine Jimenez
Independent Research in Science Honors – Ms. Monica Barsever
Improvisation* – Ms. Cynthia Cales
KATV – Mr. Tim McHugh
Music – Ms. Lisa Edwards
Open Studio – Ms. Tim Lewis
Spanish Practice – Ms. Sandy Bogan
Upper Division Math Seminar* – Ms. Phyllis Vandeventer
Yearbook – Mr. KC Merchant

E-Period Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Advanced Placement Social Studies Seminar
This elective allows students who are enrolled in any of the Advanced Placement Social Studies classes to work on writing, skill-building, and review in preparation for the AP test. Departmental approval is required.

Algebra Practice
Students must have departmental approval for participation in this class, in which they will review the fundamentals of Algebra with the instructor.

Boot Camp
Workouts to build stamina, flexibility, and body strength.

Campus Ministry
This class is designed to build a greater appreciation of the Catholic faith as well as to help the entire student body have more meaningful worship experiences. Students are responsible for planning the school liturgies and prayer services. The students also prepare pray for the beginning of the day and other faith-based experiences. Pre-approval is required.

College Preparation I
In this course, students will explore colleges and universities and learn about themselves and what they want out of a college experience. They will also practice test-taking skills, examine financial resources and scholarship information. They will practice writing the college applications and essays. There are a variety of materials, both printed and electronic available for use.

College Preparation II
In this elective, students will explore the challenges and opportunities of the first year college student. Topics discussed will include safety on campus, dorm life, money management, balancing activities and studies, and building healthy relationships.

Enrichment American Folk Art
Students are introduced to American Folk Art by mastering the art of knitting. All of the students will begin by creating a scarf. Materials required include Red Heart yarn and knitting needles sized 8, 9, or 10.

Geometry Practice
Departmental approval is required for this elective, in which students work in a small group with the teacher to review geometry problems.

Healthy Living I
This class is designed for freshmen. The course will focus on the physical and emotional health issues related to topics covered, including: health; nutrition; exercise; fitness; non-infectious diseases; safety and first aid; and tobacco and drugs.

Healthy Living II
This class is designed for junior and senior level students. It focuses on health issues that are important to women. The course will include such topics as HIV and AIDS, healthy peer relationships, alcohol, STIs, and heredity and reproduction.

Students in this course will explore the various techniques necessary for creating effective comedic and dramatic improvisation on the stage. Students will engage in various theatre games and exercises to develop their skills as actors and improvisers. Departmental approval is required for this class.

Independent Research in Engineering
This is a hands-on enrichment course where students will learn programming and engineering skills. Students will build circuits, robots, and gizmos. The goal for the students is to build, explore, and create a classroom robot using Vex, Lego, Arduino, and 3d printers.

Independent Research in Science (Honors)
Departmental approval is required for this class. This is a 5 unit class in which students will learn important scientific research skills while participating in Caltech’s Solar Energy Activity Laboratory, the SEAL program. As part of the class, mentors from Caltech visit the class once a week to provide guidance on the research process. Students will also visit laboratories at Caltech and will present their findings at a Solar Energy Research Conference in January and at the culminating meeting at Caltech in May 2016.

Introduction to French Language and Culture
Dreaming of a trip to France? This is the class for you! You will learn the basic conversational vocabulary words to use as you go and have fun practicing them with your friends! You will learn French culture, sample and create French fooods, and learn about the monuments and museums that make France such a fascinating country to visit.

This course will provide morning news to the entire school. Students will learn many of the ins and outs of news production, recording, and broadcasting. Join KATV whether you want to be in front of the camera, behind the scenes, or even both.

Meditation can be a great way to relax not only the body but also the mind. It has been found to decrease the negative effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. By incorporating meditation into your daily routine, you can begin to feel positive impact in your life. Even if you are not overly stressed, meditation can be a nice break from the day, a time to rejuvenate, a time of peace. So join us during E-period for a chance to explore meditation and the benefits it can provide you. We will explore mindfulness, guided, walking, and mantra meditation. Hope you can join us!

Music: Glee, Pitch Perfect, Pentatonix
So you’ve seen the shows and thought to yourself, “I could do that!” Well, here is your chance! Are you an angelic soprano? A sassy alto? Love to dance? Laugh? Spend time singing your favorite music and have a blast in the process. We will have fun singing musical theatre tunes, jazz standards, and pop charts. We will incorporate choreography and props into our performances. Students will have the opportunity to help choreograph. So bring yourself and your beautiful voice!

Open Studio
This course is designed to further a student’s interest in experiencing art in the studio art classroom. Students in this course should be able to work independently and have some prior knowledge of visual art. As a way to foster independent learning through art, students will develop their own portfolio during the course.

Physical Conditioning
This course will improve strength and flexibility. Course includes running, abdominal work, stretching, push-ups, lunges, squats, and jump rope. Students will be able to track their improvement and will improve their level of confidence, have fun, and achieve results!

Pilates is a form of exercise which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support graceful movement.

Reality Check
This course is designed to help students learn to deal with the day to day issues of living as an adult. Students will learn money management techniques, they will review basic domestic skills, and they will also learn the fundamentals of automobile maintenance.

Sharing our Stories
Students will adopt a senior citizen for a semester and hear their stories through interviews and class discussions, recounting their earlier years and how their life experiences have impacted them. These interviews will be recorded on paper and audibly through Story Corps. Story Corps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories, to strengthen and build connections between people and to understand that everyone has a story and all lives matter.

Spanish Practice
Departmental approval is required for this class. In this elective, students will work in a small group with the teacher to developing reading, writing, and speaking skills in Spanish.

This class is designed to teach the students the necessary skills for theatre production. Students will learn staging, set design and construction, lighting, and sound in preparation for the spring musical.
Departmental approval is required.

Study Skills
This elective is designed to help students develop the habits and skills necessary to achieve success in high school and beyond. Course topics will include: goal setting; time management; note-taking; following directions; and reading, organizing, and summarizing for productive studying. Students will also review strategies for test-taking.


Television Analysis and Critique
Television has held an integral part of modern culture since Philo Farnsworth successfully broadcast the first transmission in 1927. Over the decades, TV shows have shaped pop culture, influenced modern language, and even educated our youths. This course will look at a variety of TV shows including sitcoms, dramas, foreign productions, old classics, and even modern webseries. Students will learn to analyze character, plot, and productions and discuss shows in-depth.

Upper Division English Seminar
Departmental approval is required for this class. This elective is designed for those students in upper division English who would like the opportunity to work in a small group to develop the skills necessary for success in the AP English classes. Students will work on building their writing skills, practice test taking strategies, and analyze works of fiction and non-fiction.

Upper Division Math Seminar
Departmental approval is required for this class. In this elective, students will work in small groups with the instructor to build skills necessary for success in completing the upper level math classes.

This course teaches the students copy writing, lay out, photography, publication, and graphics. Students also acquire the knowledge of journalism needing to publish a yearbook. Students work both independently and will the group in a laboratory task setting.

Zumba is a fun, high energy workout; a Zumba workout burns calories and helps keep you in shape. It fuses Latin music with contemporary dance beats to make exercise fun. The great thing about Zumba is that the whole body is engaged throughout the session. Music is the main ingredient to Zumba because it helps to move the workout from one toning, strengthening or cardio move to another, targeting every major muscle group in the body. The goal of the class is to make students want to work out and to love working out because it is fun and easy to do. Dance styles including Salsa, Flamenco, Cha-cha-cha, Hip Hop, Tango, and many more will be incorporated to motivate students throughout the workout. At the conclusion of the semester, the students will be asked to create their own Zumba routine showcasing what they have learned.

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