You may now RENT books from eTechCampus! Renting textbooks is an easy way to save money up front on your textbook purchase, and not worry if the book has an end-of-year buyback value to offset your costs.
-All rental books are “borrowed” from eTechCampus for a Rental Fee assessed at the time of purchase. -Rental books are due back by the Rental Due Date specified at Checkout. -Books are required to be in good, resaleable condition upon return. -If the book is lost, or not returned on time, you will be responsible for purchasing the book through your eTechCampus My Account, or will be assessed a non-return fee after the due date.For more information on Renting Textbooks please visit EdTech's  Help Desk. 
Order books here.
Download the PDF below for detailed instructions.
Questions? Contact Customer Service at bookstore@etechcampus.com or (877) 284-6744
EdTech is a 3rd Party vendor and limited supported is provided by Alverno High School.

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